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Comet Security Group is a leading provider of event stewarding across South Wales and the United Kingdom. 

Comet Security Group have a secret superpower we are very proud of!

Our diverse range of professional stewards can complement any event, all our fantastic stewards are qualified with:

First Aid Emergency at Work for unforeseen medical emergencies is paramount for any event or premises, less time than an ambulance with strategic critical fast approach.

Qualified with ACTS to understand terrorism and threats to your visitors and staff.

All our stewards are trained to understand the Sunflower Organisations for hidden disabilities, to have this understanding and empathy towards your visitors and staff is priceless in this era and can help combat any signs of discrimination by having just this basic knowledge.

Stewards who are uniformed with our company logo, intelligent and reliable can help your event or business to create a positive impression from the start.

Finally LGBTQ+ friendly stewards and officers who understand the modern day pronouns, this creates harmony, respect to all individuals.

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Event Stewarding

Pre-Event Preparation

We recognise that preparation and attention-to-detail is key in order to deliver a safe, secure and successful event. Comet Security Group’s experienced professionals vigorously prepare our trained event stewards prior to every event, ensuring they’re completely updated on all of the information they need to know.

We’ll update them on any protocols or any potential issues they need to be aware of, ensuring they’re well equipped to perform and deal with any situation in an appropriate, effective manner.

In order to ensure we’re providing our staff with the right information, Comet Security Group undertakes extensive research as part of our event planning process. We’ll develop an audience profile prior to the event, identifying key audience characteristics such as their average age, gender, mobility and whether alcohol is available during the event.

This is because contrasting crowds can respond in different ways; for example, a heavy metal concert is likely to be much more active and raucous than a business networking conference!

As a result, our event safety and security experts will plan accordingly, providing our event stewards with comprehensive information and advice on the correct actions to take if required.

Event Stewarding

Event Stewarding

Joana Steward Brangwyn Hall

Our team at Comet Security Group believes in service with a smile, ensuring every attendee feels welcome. We always look to deploy a diverse team of event stewards whenever possible, so that anybody attending the event feels comfortable approaching our staff for help and advice. 

Each member of our team plays an integral role throughout the event, acting as the eyes and ears on the ground ensuring everything is running smoothly. They’re able to undertake a number of roles including the manning of entrances and exits, bag searches, conducting ticket checks and overseeing effective crowdflow management.

Furthermore, our event stewards can also resolve crowd disruptions, report security incidents and provide directions and assistance.

All of Comet Security Group’s event stewards are trained professionals, giving you the confidence you need that your event is in the hands of experienced experts.

Traffic Management

Our experts at Comet Security Group can assist with comprehensive traffic management services throughout the duration of your event. We’ve served concerts, festivals and sporting competitions where extensive parking is required, whilst working to minimise the impact of the event’s operations on the local community.

Whether it’s managing arrivals, creating parking spaces or co-ordinating firebreaks, we’re well-equipped to support your needs and requirements. Alongside providing service with a smile for all of the event’s attendees, we can also assist those not attending who require help and directions to circumnavigate any blocked off roads or areas.

Every member of our staff will be in our clearly identifiable branded uniform, ready to provide support and assistance.

We’ll create a positive first impression for anyone arriving at your event, setting the tone for a great customer experience throughout the rest of their time onsite. 

Traffic Management

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